Admiralty Ban Mian Stall Refunds Customer Who Made S$450 E-Payment After He Returns For Another Meal

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Ban Mian Stall In Admiralty Refunds Customer For S$450 E-Payment On Return Visit

On Saturday (28 Jan), staff at Xiao Mei Ban Mian in Admiralty launched a search for a customer who had mistakenly paid them S$450.

Thankfully, they managed to recognise him on his recent visit and informed him of the situation.

The stall then transferred him S$445.50 and told electronic transfer network NETS to repay them later.

Same customer returns for a meal on 31 Jan

On Tuesday (31 Jan), Xiao Mei Ban Mian posted an update on the situation, stating that they had settled the refund with the customer.

Speaking to MS News, the owner of the stall said the customer had returned to the stall at around 6.15pm on 31 Jan for another meal.

She had previously informed her staff to give him her contact details for the refund. They thus recognised him and informed him about the mistake in his payment.

Checking his transaction, he found out that he had indeed transferred S$450.

As the owner wasn’t in the stall at the time, they agreed to meet at 8.30pm to settle the issue since she had already transferred S$445.50 to NETS.

Ban mian stall owner refunds customer first despite transferring S$445.50 to NETS

Under normal circumstances, the customer should contact NETS or DBS to receive the refund.

However, the owner thought it might be troublesome for him. She then decided to inform NETS that she would return the customer his money first, and NETS should refund her afterwards.

NETS agreed with her, and she g...

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