Admiralty Ban Mian Stall Receives S$450 E-Payment Likely By Accident, Hopes To Refund Customer

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Man Accidentally Pays Admiralty Ban Mian Stall $450 Instead of S$4.50

Our money is precious to us, which is probably why a ban mian stall in Admiralty is urgently seeking a customer who had vastly overpaid his bill.

Xiao Mei Ban Mian recently shared that a customer had paid S$450 for his bowl of “Original Mee Hoon Kueh Soup” which would otherwise cost him S$4.50.

Since then, the stall has been trying to reach the customer via their Facebook page and has contacted electronic transfer network NETS to process a refund to the customer.

Customer paid S$450 for S$4.50 bowl of mee hoon kueh

On 28 Jan, the staff at Xiao Mei Ban Mian’s Admiralty branch realised that something was amiss when doing their daily closing procedures, which included checking e-transaction values against the Point Of Sale (POS) system of the stall.

It was then that they found that the NETS values did not add up, and looked through their transactions one by one. They later identified an “abnormal” Nets QR code transfer of S$450.

Xiao Mei Ban Mian told MS News that the customer is likely to have mistyped the value while making payment as his original order for an “Original Mee Hoon Kueh Soup” would have cost him S$4.50.

Through their stall’s closed-circuit television (CCTV), Xiao Mei Ban Mian identified the customer as an elderly patron who is not a regular at the stall. He was wearing a red and blue striped shirt that day.

Hoping to track down the customer to return his money, the owner of the stall turned to Facebook for help to find him.

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