Actress Sonia Sui has not seen neighbours again after noise dispute went public

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TAIPEI - Sonia Sui was involved in a public dispute over noise with residents living one floor below her Taipei condominium unit last month but she has not seen them for some time now.

The Taiwanese actress disclosed this at a promotional event on Wednesday when she made her first public appearance since the saga broke in early February.

The unanmed neighbours had accused the 42-year-old and her husband of allowing their three young children to make a racket in the early morning and late at night, according to a report by Taiwanese magazine Mirror Media. Sui and her businessman husband Tony Hsieh had moved into the apartment with their three children – aged between four and seven - in July 2022.

The actress, who is best known for starring in the popular TV serial The Fierce Wife (2010), then took to Facebook to tell her side of the story, denying the allegations and accusing the neighbours of making never ending demands.

Sui said at the press conference on Wednesday that the neighbours “seemed to have disappeared” since the saga broke, adding that they have not knocked on her doors to make more complaints. She added that it was unlikely they have moved out as she would have heard about it if they did.

Her children, she claimed, have been spooked by the incident; they would keep quiet when the lift reaches the seventh storey where their complaining neighbours live.

“Some phobias will not disappear quickly,” Sui said. “But this is also an opportunity to educate them about the different types of people out there and how to face them.”

The actress said she had not thought of moving out the place, as she likes the environment and feels it is a good place to bring up her children.

Sui also said that the civil suit taken out by the neighbours against them will not go to court.

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