A Want Want Amusement Park Is Opening In China Next Year With A Hot Kid Milk-Themed Waterslide

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Want Want Amusement Park in China

Singaporeans growing up in the 90s and early 2000s would be familiar with Want Want as one of the OG old-school snacks we munched on as kids. Remember the iconic little red cans of Hot Kid Milk, crumbly Ball Cake Cookies and savoury Rice Crackers? As such, the news of a Want Want Amusement Park opening is a huge blast from the past.

Set to open its doors next year, the upcoming theme park will be located in Changsha, China, and will feature rides themed after the brand’s various snacks. These include a Hot Kid Milk-themed waterslide and a snow cake-themed Ferris wheel.

Zoom down a Hot Kid Milk-themed water slide

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