A US-made missile went astray in Ukraine, injuring civilians

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KYIV - A US-made missile fired by Ukrainian forces wounded three civilians in eastern Ukraine in September, according to residents and debris recovered from the scene, marking a rare instance where US-supplied weapons were linked to civilian casualties in the nine-month-old conflict.

The strike – from an AGM-88B High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, which is fired from a fighter jet against ground targets like radar and air-defence systems – happened on Sept 26 around 6pm in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, residents said. The industrial city in Ukraine’s Donbas region has been the site of constant missile and artillery attacks since Russia invaded in February.

As Russia’s ground war in Ukraine has bogged down, it has kept up a punishingly heavy missile and drone barrage that has destroyed critical civilian infrastructure and killed or wounded many Ukrainian civilians. In response, Ukraine has had to rely heavily on air defence systems, some of them newly sent from Western allies.

In one case in November, officials from the United States and Poland said a Russian-designed missile that crossed over Ukraine’s western border into Polish territory and killed two people was most likely an air-defence munition fired by Ukraine in response to a heavy Russian aerial assault.

The war in Ukraine has become defined by an almost unending barrage of munitions, and the make and origin of the thousands of bullets, artillery shells and missiles fired on the war’s front lines can sometimes be impossible to verify.

But New York Times journalists were able to gather and identify distinct metal fragments left behind at the site of an earlier strike, in Septe...

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