928 Yishun Laksa: $3 Laksa With Long Queue Near Yishun MRT Station

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928 Yishun Laksa is a popular laksa stall near Yishun MRT

If you’re a hardcore laksa enthusiast, chances are you would have heard of 928 Yishun Laksa. This popular stall in Yishun sports long queues daily, with fans returning for their affordable yet satisfying laksa.

Image credit: @foodiefc

The family-run stall is known for their laksa, well-priced at $3 for a small bowl and $3.50 for a big one. Each serving comes with thick bee hoon, crab stick, tau pok, tau gay, fishcake slices, and cockles. You can choose to add ingredients with a top-up of $0.50. Those who love hum can also order extra cockles (+$1).

Image credit: Benito Linus on Google 

Regulars love their creamy and lemak broth, which boasts a lovely, coconutty fragrance. Mix in the punchy sambal on the side for a hit of spice, and if you love their chilli, there’s even an option to request more at a top-up of $0.50!

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