9 Things To Do In Aomori & Iwate, Japan’s Hidden Gems Just 3 Hours Away From Tokyo

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Things to do in Aomori & Iwate

Think “snow” and “Japan” and Hokkaido is one of the first places that come to mind. But hidden just beneath it, on the northern tip of Japan’s main island is one of the country’s best kept secrets: Aomori and Iwate, two prefectures in the Tōhoku region that possess a fantastical charm with its surreal winter landscape and enchanting legends.

Lose yourself in local myths and fairy tales, frolic in wintery wonderlands and even try your hand at a Winter Olympic sport. If you’re looking to add a little dimension to your next trip to Japan, here are nine things to do in Aomori and Iwate that’ll likely make you see Japan in a whole new light.

1. Pick and grill the freshest seafood at Hasshoku Center

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