9 Safety Tips To Follow When Overseas So You Won’t Be A Victim Of Pickpocketing Or Food Poisoning 

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Travel safety tips to take note of when you’re overseas

With holiday plans being inextricably woven into recent lunchtime chatter, you might already have entire itineraries planned in your head. However, it’s important to stay vigilant during our travels especially given that we’re in a foreign environment. This means dialling our common sense and awareness up a notch while having a whale of a time overseas. 

Before you lock in your flight tickets and accommodations, here are some travel safety tips to keep in mind. Being a tad kia si doesn’t hurt, especially when you’re stumbling headlong into a foreign environment.

1. Educate yourself on common tourist scams

More often than not, you’ll bump into a swindling cheat or two regardless of where your travels might take you. A quick Google search will lay bare all the typical

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