9 JB Ramadan Bazaars With $0.10 Kueh & Opening Till 12am To Visit Ahead Of Hari Raya Celebrations

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Ramadan bazaars in JB 

The holy month of Ramadan is something many of us look forward to – not just because it leads up to a well-deserved holiday and wholesome festive celebrations, but also because it comes hand-in-hand with Ramadan bazaars and night markets. And we all know what that means: delicious grub, yummy snacks, and festive outfits to cop.

Well, if you’re venturing across the border on one of your regular Johor Bahru trips, now’s the best time to check out Ramadan bazaars in JB. Mouth-watering authentic local food awaits you, so gear up and bookmark these spots.

What to know about Ramadan bazaars in JB

We’re not going to paint a false picture here: fun as it is, you can expect the Ramadan bazaars in JB to be crowded. Typically, you can expect crowds to start forming from around 5pm onwards in preparation for buka puasa (break fast) which is at about 7.15pm. So, we recommend heading over a little earlier if you want to avoid peak-hour human traffic.

If you’re driving, parking may also be difficult to come by. It’s a good idea to check traffic conditions before heading over to your desired bazaar. Otherwise, it may be advisable to call a Grab car instead.

That said, you’ll also be walking a lot. Wear comfortable shoes if you’re the kind who needs to explore every corner of the bazaar. Bazaars can also get a hot and stuffy with all the grilling and frying going on around you, so airy clothing would be most suitable.

It’s also important to be mindful that it is, after all, a holy month for Muslims who are fasting. As a sign of respect, if you are not fasting, you may want to head to a more discreet spot or wait till after buka puasa, to chug that ice-cold drink and dig into your food.

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