9 Best Solo Date Ideas In Singapore For Singletons Who Are Alone But Not Lonely

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Solo date ideas in Singapore

There could be many reasons why you’re single. Perhaps you’re not ready for a relationship, are still holding out for “the one”, or simply have – if you’re willing to admit – no game. Whatever the case, there’s no reason why singles should have to miss out on the thrills and TLCs of dating.

Going out alone might seem lonely at times, but truth be told, you’re often your own best company. Plus, with these solo date ideas that have bona-fide “me, myself, and I” activities, you won’t have to feel unnecessarily awkward or judged. So put on your fav fit and block out your calendars, because you’re about to get wooed by you.

1. Get fully nude at a Japanese bathhouse

Being alone is the best time to learn to get comfy with yourself. And there’s no better way than getting fully nude at a Japanese bathhouse like Yunomori Onsen & Spa. Yes, you read that right, you’ll be expected to be dressed in your birthday suit to visit the onsen baths here.

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