9 Aesthetic Hotels In Seoul From $56/Night For Singaporeans Ready For Legit Kimchi & Gimbap

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New & aesthetic hotels in Seoul

We know, we know. Korea calls. Every friend on IG seems to be frolicking around the land of kimchi, clinking glasses of soju, and exploring old towns in cute hanboks. If you’re right on the precipice of booking that flight ticket, welcome to the club. We can begin dreaming up our next vacation by checking out these new and aesthetic hotels in Seoul, South Korea.

We’ve sussed out accommodations that have opened during, or right before the pandemic so they’re perfect for both first-time and repeat visitors. Of course, they have to be budget-friendly as well – to save cash for eating and exploring. These are priced from as low as S$56/night.

1. Hotel Anteroom Seoul – Rooftop bar with sweeping views

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