9 Aesthetic Cafes, Bars & Motels In Gold Coast That Are Like A Trendy Pastel MV Come To Life

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Where to eat and stay in the Gold Coast

Think of the quintessential beach holiday and the sunny Gold Coast immediately comes to mind. Easy-breezy days, crystal clear waters and fun in the sun – it’s a dream come true for travel-deprived Singaporeans like us.

This coastal city with staggeringly beautiful views of the ocean naturally offers a number of IG-worthy venues. From garden cafes to retro poolside motels, these nine aesthetic cafes, bars and motels to KIV for when VTL to Queensland opens up:

– Motels –

1. Mysa Motel – Throwback boutique resort with pastel pink rooms

When your accommodation has a crystal clear swimming pool, you know that you’ll be spending most of your time lounging outdoors. At Mysa Motel, the pool is not just a vibrant shade of blue – it’s also a magnesium pool, meaning that they’ve added minerals to soothe any body aches.

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