9 Abandoned Places In Tokyo You Can Explore For Free With Eerie Alice In Borderland Vibes

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Abandoned places in Tokyo

Even if you’ve been to Tokyo countless times, we bet you haven’t had a chance to explore beyond the shopping streets, standing sushi bars, and hundreds of Japanese shrines. Well, those looking for an unconventional trip to Japan can consider exploring these abandoned places in Tokyo.

Not for the faint-hearted, some of these spots or haikyo (廃墟) meaning ruins, look straight out of a horror movie, while others have been witnesses to actual crimes.

What you need to know before exploring abandoned places in Tokyo

Exploring abandoned places is not so much illegal in Japan as it is a grey area worth probing. Having said that, you must be careful not to break or take anything from the compound or from within said buildings. And private properties that are fenced up or cordoned off are strictly out of bounds, so don’t enter them as it will be considered trespassing which is a punishable offence.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these buildings are old and crumbling, so to be safe, it is best to observe them from a distance and avoid entering them altogether. If you’re wondering why there are so many abandoned properties in Japan, it is because of the increase in the number of people moving to cities, leaving the countryside emptier over the decades.

For those who can’t pass up such adventures, here are the places you need to add to your next Japan itinerary.

1. Mizune Freight Line

Abandoned train tunnel out of an apocalypse movie

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