8 Things To Do In Shikoku, Japan That’ll Give You Zen Even As A Travel Moodboard For Now

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Things to do in Shikoku, Japan

For many of us, holidays are all about R&R. And now that Japan is open for travel, it’s time to plan a trip up for a change of scenery. Bookmark Shikoku if you’re in need of relaxing activities like onsen baths and soaking up gorgeous natural sights. Here are 8 zen things to do in the lesser-known island.

1. Soak in open air onsen

The hot spring bath helps to relieve stress, give you glowing skin and heal wounds. Image credit: Iya Onsen

If there’s anything more relaxing than a hot bath, it’s an open air onsen that comes with beautiful scenery to admire while you’re indulging in some self-care. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Iya Ons...

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