8 Things To Do In New Zealand Without A Car So Those Without A License Don’t FOMO

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Things to do in New Zealand without a car

The first thing that comes to mind when touring New Zealand is that it’s a place destined for road trips. Vrooming around in a 4-wheel speedster to hop from one attraction to another is a no-brainer way to travel if you’re not one to follow a fixed tour group itinerary.

But for the few of us without a licence – guess what – it’s still possible to explore both North and South Islands on your own. From winery tours to whale-watching, here are 8 things to do in New Zealand without a car.

P.S. If you do want to drive around one day, check out these guides to getting your driver’s licence or motorbike licence in Singapore.

Alternative travel options

Hop on, hop off buses

As one of the OG backpacker destinations, New Zealand has long accommodated carless nomads with one simple solution: backpacker buses. These run all across the country, picking up and dropping off vacationers in major cities, small towns, and other popular travel spots. 

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