8 Things To Do In & Around Okinawa, Japan’s Underrated Tropical Gem More Singaporeans Should Visit

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Things to do in & around Okinawa

If your brain instantly serves you up an image of Tokyo when you hear the word “Japan”, we don’t blame you. Between your friends, relatives, and IG feed, everyone seems to be flocking to the bustling capital. 

You, however, probably want a peaceful holiday, parked on the beach, with waves ripple under your feet while munching on some cheap and tasty onigiri. And for that, we’ll throw a suggestion in your direction. Here’s Okinawa and a list of 8 things to do in and around Japan’s little “Hawaii” that’s only a 3-hour flight from Tokyo.

1. Cruise the ocean on a glass bottom boat

So you want to see coral reefs and come face to face with manta rays but don’t want to get your hair wet. We feel you. That’s why we’re sending you on a glass bottom boat tour.

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