8 Korean Islands Near Seoul For Day Trips From Just 1 Hour Away That Aren’t Jeju or Nami

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Islands near Seoul, South Korea

When we think of islands in Korea, the first ones we’d think of are usually Jeju or Nami. Both of them are beautiful but are full of the usual bustling tourist crowds.

What most of us didn’t know is that South Korea possesses over 3000 islands, and over 30 of them can be found near Incheon Port near Seoul. Here are some of the best ones to swing by on a day trip from the city – with a travel duration of no more than 2.5 hours.  

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Note: As of 15th November, South Korea is part of Singapore’s list of VTL-approved countries. You can read up more about VTL regulations and procedures here.

1. Seonjaedo – secret sand path to an inaccessible island

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