8 Cheap & New Things To Do In Bangkok In 2022 So You Don’t Spend All Your Baht On Shopping

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Cheap & new things to do in Bangkok 2022

Dear Bangkok, going through that 2-year LDR with you was just too painful, and boy, is our long-awaited reunion going to be an eventful one. But I see you’ve changed quite a bit since we last met, so it’s time we get reacquainted with some cheap and new things to do in Bangkok.

From a legit-looking Japanese village, to a pastel-coloured 2-storey indoor playground, here are some new places to go on your next trip over.

1. Jodd Fairs –  Night market with 600 food stalls

Let’s just put it out there: you can’t really say you went to Bangkok if your trip didn’t include lots of street food and night market trawls. Well, market kakis can rejoice because the renowned Ratchada Train Nig...

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