8 Best Surf Schools In Bali To Learn Surfing So You’ll Stop Wiping Out & Just Hang 10

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Surf schools in Bali

You’re in Bali. You’re at the beach. Surfers are catching waves left, right, and centre. “That’s cool,” you think to yourself. Well, that could totally be you. Bali isn’t just a surfing mecca in Southeast Asia, they’re a hotbed for surf schools for those who’ve always wanted to pick up the sport.

From private sessions that cost less than S$15/pax to intensive surf camps, we’ve rounded up 8 surf schools in Bali for your first lesson:

What else to do in Bali:

1. 27 Surf Bali – 1-on-1 lessons under S$15

Serial hobbyists will know that picking up something new can be costly, especially when it involves specialised equipment. So we completely understand holding back on learning surfing just in case it isn’t something you really fancy.

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