8 Best KL Chilli Pan Mee Stalls In Singapore

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Best chilli pan mee stalls in Singapore

Ban mian stalls have become dime a dozen in Singapore these days. Comprising handmade noodles, a piping hot pork broth, minced meat, and veggies, ban mian and its variations have become a mealtime staple in Singapore when dining out at hawker centres. Its sibling, chilli pan mee, or chilli ban mian, hails from Kuala Lumpur’s Restaurant Kin Kin, and has finally become almost as readily available as the OG ban mian across Singapore’s food courts.

We love chilli pan mee because it hits the spot on all fronts. The dry noodle dish comes with a moreish, spicy sauce, prepared with chilli flakes, dark and sweet soya sauce, as well as other goodies that all come together to give it that umami oomph. Chilli pan mee typically comes topped with all the fixings you find in regular ban mian—think minced meat, a runny egg, veggies, ikan bilis, and meatballs. 

Here are the best chilli pan mee stalls in Singapore to satisfy your cravings.

1. Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee

For a ban mian stall that opens till late, pay a visit to Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee. Its Bencoolen Street outlet, for example, opens till 5am—a great option for supper or a very early breakfast. You start off your meal by choosing from four different noodles: you mian, ban mian, mee hoon kueh, or mee sua. Opt for the dry version of their Signature Ban Mian ($5.50) which comes with all the usual toppings, and a heaping dollop of their hae bee hiam chilli paste. If you want to level up your order, get their popular Chicken Cutlet Ban Mian ($7.50) instead, which comes with a whole fried cutlet. 

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Website | Full list of outlets Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee is not a halal-certified eatery.

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