8 Best Indonesian Restaurants In Singapore For Legit Bebek Goreng, Bakmi And More

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Best Indonesian restaurants in Singapore

Indonesian food is not just one thing, but a vast umbrella spanning over 5,000 different recipes because of how diverse the archipelago is. Thanks to immigration and its foodways, we’re lucky to have access to a distinct variety of Indonesian restaurants in Singapore. 

From Javanese dishes to Chinese-Indonesian fare, Balinese barbecue to hearty Minangnese stews—you can find them all and more at these top Indonesian restaurants in Singapore

1. Pagi Sore

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Pagi Sore has been around since 1989, founded by first-generation Indonesian chef, Liyana Kwan. Their culinary ethos combines Indonesian recipes with Chinese cooking methods, resulting in a menu that offers spicy stir-fries, seafood, and meats, all made to share with plates of rice. Signatures here include their Ayam Gulai ($7.90++), a Padang-style chicken curry, their Ikan Goreng Balado ($28.90++), where a whole sea bass is deep-fried and topped with a zingy sambal balado, and their seasonal Petai Udang Pedas ($27.80++), where prawns are stir-fried with sambal and petai beans. If you’re dining with a group, order their set menus to save you the fuss of picking a la carte. Their three to four-people set menu is priced at

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