8 Best Hotels In Penang Under $50 A Night For An Affordable Stay Within The City Centre

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Affordable hotels in Penang

If you’re pining for some weekend respite without breaking the bank, consider jetting over to the aesthetic town of Penang for an affordable getaway. There, you’ll get to explore the UNESCO-listed George Town and take a gander at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, where the iconic mahjong scene from Crazy Rich Asians was filmed. And if that’s done and dusted for you, try riding on the world’s longest zip coaster at Escape Theme Park.

There are a ton of new things to do in Penang, and a handful of great lodging that brings you closer to the action. We’ve sussed out these 8 beautiful hotels in Penang for less than S$50 a night

1. The Frame Guesthouse – Shophouse with brutalist aesthetic

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