8 Best Bali Resorts For Families This Year-End Holidays

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Family-friendly resorts in Bali

Not sure who needs to hear this, but a trip to Bali with kids doesn’t have to be a diaper-strewn warzone. In fact, it can be fun and fuss-free if you have some sound strategies.

Here’s what you should do: pack a mountain of snacks, download hundreds of hours of YouTube onto your phone, and check yourselves into one of the family-friendly resorts in Bali. Here are 8 of those accommodations with everything from kids’ club to babysitters so both you and the kids can have fun.

1. RIMBA by AYANA Resort Bali – Kids’ Club with a secret entrance

RIMBA By Ayana is probably one of the coolest family-friendly resorts out there, and not just because the prices are reasonable.

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