8 Bali Island Hopping Ideas For Singaporeans So You Don’t Only Visit Nusa Penida

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Bali island hopping ideas

By now, most Singaporeans are well acquainted with the beach clubs of Seminyak and Kuta. We’ve stepped foot in the temples of Ubud, tasted the nasi gorengs from many warungs, and taken our IG shots at Balinese cafes of all designs.

Is there more to do? D to the -uh. Spice up your next return to the island with some island-hopping. We’re not just talking about the gorgeous and famous Nusa Penida; below are some lesser-known islands near Bali for beach lovers looking for a quieter getaway. All it takes is a short boat ride.

For more things to do on your next Bali visit: 

1. Gili Putih – Mini islet with clear waters 

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