7 Massively Overrated Things Singaporeans Do In JB & What You Can Do Instead To Be A Pro Traveller

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How to be a pro traveller in JB

Okay, we get that travelling en masse to JB ranks highly amongst locals on the list of things to do during the long weekends in Singapore. The magical SGD-RM rate is so strong that it forms picnic-inspiring queues at the customs, even if you’re heading over for just a short respite.

The last thing you want to do after queueing up for hours at customs is run into fellow countrymen doing the same things as you are. We know that certain places are popular for a reason and hitting up tried-and-tested haunts can be a good idea, especially when you’re a JB newbie. But if you find yourself overhearing “wah this one so cheap!” every time you step into a cafe in JB, then these tips will show you how to be a pro traveller in JB.


Instead of: Saving a few bucks at international outlets/brands

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