7 Inflight Freebies From Singapore Airlines You Can Kope On Your Next Trip Outta Here

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Airline freebies available on Singapore Airlines

Singaporeans and free stuff are like moths to flames. That’s probably the reason why this TikTok by an ex-SIA flight attendant went viral, detailing all the airline freebies people can get on Singapore Airlines flights. 

For those jetting off on an upcoming holiday, we consulted our ex-cabin crew colleagues and checked in with crew who’re still in the biz to get the lowdown on the lesser-known things you can request in economy class on SIA flights. 

These may all be included in your airfare, but take note that stocks are usually limited, and not to demand for these during busy periods such as meal services.

Things to do on your next overseas trip:

1. Sip on unlimited cocktails & hot drinks 

Take a quick peek at the top of the meal trolley and you’ll likely be able to spot the usual suspects such as wine, beer, orange and apple juice and some sodas. But what you might not know is that you’re actually allowed to order an array of alcoholic beverages as well. 

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