64% Of Singaporeans Prefer Black Carrot Cake Over White Carrot Cake

2 weeks ago 29

Singaporeans prefer black carrot cake

Singaporeans are known for their love of food, and when it comes to the beloved hawker staple that is carrot cake, AKA chai tow kway, there’s a longstanding debate: black or white better? To help settle this time-tested debate, we’ve conducted a poll to gauge Singaporean’s preferences—which you might have come across while browsing our website. The results are in, and surprisingly, most Singaporeans are on Team Black Carrot Cake.

Before Team White Carrot Cake voters point fingers at us and say, “Wa lao you anyhow one”, let us share a little about how we’ve gathered the data. If you’ve been reading Eatbook.sg’s articles the past couple of months, you might have noticed that our posts now come with polls by our sister platform, Answers.sg. In our polls, we’ve been asking Singaporeans for their foodie opinions, and our readers have responded. Nearly 400 people responded to our chai tow kway poll, where we asked the simple question: “Black or white carrot cake?”

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