6 Scenic Alfresco Bars With Unique Bar Bites Like DIY Pizza And Tapas

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Chill alfresco bars in Singapore

There’s something about drinking at a bar’s alfresco area after hours that just hits the spot, especially when you have an ice-cold beer in hand. If you’re looking for TGIF or weekend locations to chill with your friends as you soak up the rush of the city over a drink or two, here are some scenic alfresco bars worth checking out. Plus point: they all offer unique bar bites, so rest assured both your appetite and thirst will be quenched.

If you’re lost on which brew to order when hanging out at these bars, try Kronenbourg 1664! This crisp wheat beer has citrus notes, so it’s a refreshing option for balmy evenings. It’s also delicate on the hops, so you don’t get an overwhelming bitterness, making it accessible to beer drinkers of all levels.

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1. Octapas

Octapas is one of Clarke Quay’s household establishments, having been around for ages, and for good reason. The Spanish tapas bar offers live music, good vibes, atop a wide variety of drinks and bites with a Mediterranean twist. Their alfresco area also faces the Singapore river, which makes for a great view at sundown.

Begin your evening with a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, with some ligh...

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