50 Best Things To Do In Bali Sorted By Location, With New Attractions, Nature Spots & Beach Clubs

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Things to do in Bali

We know we don’t really need to give Bali an introduction, but there are solid reasons why Singaporeans head to the island over and over again. It’s got gorgeous beaches and mountains, a vibrant cafe and nightlife scene, beautiful hotels for all types of travellers, zen vibes…well, now we’re just gushing. 

For those who can’t get enough of the tropical island, here’s your ultimate guide to things to do in Bali, sorted by area. And yes, you’ll probably need more than 1 trip here:

– Things to do in Ubud –

Ubud sits high on the list of relaxing getaways. It is, after all, tucked away in the hilly region of Bali. What you can expect is sights that are sure to soothe your mind – think cascading rice terraces, paddy fields, untouched jungles, lots of serene temples, and blossoming local culture and spirituality.

1. Campuhan Ridge Walk – Easy 2km hike

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