5 Travel Insurance Types To Salvage Your Holiday From Cancellations, Lost Baggage & Covid-19

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Travel insurance types

Travelling is an exciting affair; especially after close to 2 years without it and we’re raring to go. But first, we have to get through the not-so-fun part of crossing items off our travel checklist: snag affordable flight tickets, pack appropriately for the trip, and plan the itinerary. Less thought of is the need to get travel insurance, and the types of coverage that each plan offers.

Whether you’re taking advantage of relaxed border restrictions to go on the occasional leisure trip with family or friends, or are a corporate globetrotter taking multiple flights in a year – it pays to stay safe while on foreign soil. Here are 5 travel insurance types to look out for for your next trip outta town. Read till the end for info on where to get your crucial coverage settled. 

1. Trip cancellation & interruption, including flight delays

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