5 Tips For Keeping Gen Z Employees Motivated And Engaged

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As an employer, having the opportunity to attract and retain the brightest and best of each generation would require understanding how they work and what they consider valuable in the career journey.

Throughout the last few years, some employers might have noticed a completely new generation of workers stepping onto the labor market.

The highly diverse and tech-savvy group of workers, who haven’t known a world without the internet or technology is now completely changing how employers keep their workers motivated and engaged.

Generation Z or Gen Zs as some would call them, are those individuals born between 1997 and 2012, and have in recent years jumped onto the labor market making up 12.6% of the American workforce as of 2020 according to figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In no time, Gen Zs have completely changed the face of the workplace, highlighting the importance of workplace culture, commitment to societal challenges such as sustainability, and demonstrating an urge to move towards a generation that is recognized as global citizens.

While it’s clear that Gen Zs think and work differently compared to their older, and more established colleagues, it’s time for some employers to consider how they can keep their younger, more enthusiastic workers motivated and engaged as the world of work constantly changes.

Be Forward-Thinking

As a company, whether a small startup or even a major corporation, it’s important to be forward-thinking in your actions, not only to remain competitive in the marketplace but also to attract and retain the best possible staff.

For employers, this could mean getting caught up with the times and bringing onboard a host of newer and more innovative tools that not only streamlines the business operations but also makes it easier for younger workers to remain engaged and motivated.

Establish Interpersonal Relationships

While highly engaging tech is important, it’s been found that Gen Zers value interpersonal relatio...

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