5 Things To Do In Asakusa, Tokyo – 634m-Tall Tower, Underground Shopping Street & Stunning Temples

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Top things to do in Asakusa, Tokyo

Although the March holidays are just over, you could already be planning your next trip after viewing snippets of your friends and family’s recent getaways on IG stories. Perhaps you’ve already settled on the obligatory holiday to Japan, but the question now is where exactly should you enthral your social media audience with?

You’ve already dived into the tropics of Okinawa, and a frigid trip up north to Hokkaido is better suited for a year-end retreat. Instead, you’re headed a little more centrally for this upcoming sojourn, to Asakusa, Tokyo. From skyscraping views to a covert shopping street, here’s what to expect in this tradition-meets-modern district.


Tallest building in Japan with stunning views of Tokyo

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