5 Singaporean Blue-Chip Stocks to Consider Buying in 2023

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“Blue-chip stocks” denotes stocks and shares of successful companies considered leaders in their respective fields and segments. The term comes from poker, where the highest-value chips are blue; similarly, blue chip stocks are regarded as some of the highest-quality stocks in the market.

A hallmark of a blue-chip stock is a proven record of long-term and steady gains. Thus, they are favoured as a core component of a diversified investment portfolio, making an excellent counterbalance to riskier growth stocks.

Another factor for their popularity is that most (if not all) blue-chip stocks pay dividends, making them a good way to build a passive income stream.

Whether you’re a fan of dividend investing or simply looking for some solid stocks to add to your portfolio, here are five of Singapore’s best blue chip stocks for 2023.

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