4 Types Of Tea To Add To Your Repertoire In Singapore

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While milk tea has gained popularity as a contemporary trend, there’s a compelling case for revisiting our traditional roots and savouring the purity of tea in its unadorned form. Embracing the simplicity of plain tea allows us to appreciate its nuanced flavours and the cultural richness ingrained in this timeless beverage.

Pu’Er Tea

Image from ThinkChina

Hailing from the Yunnan province, Pu’er tea boasts a spectrum of colors ranging from white to deep brown-red, a visual testament to its diverse processing methods. Notably, Pu’er has the unique ability to age gracefully, surpassing other teas in maturation.

It offers a spectrum of experiences—ranging from sweet to bitter—with some exhibiting a robust, thick texture that adds to the complexity of this exceptional tea.

Oolong Tea

Image from teakruthi

Oolong tea, with its origins in China and Taiwan, occupies a delightful middle ground between green and black teas due to its partial oxidation. The distinctive processing involves partially oxidizing the leaves before firing, yielding a diverse array of oolong teas.

These teas exhibit a unique flavor spectrum, sometimes reminiscent of milk tea, and showcase notes that can be fruity, woody, or refreshingly fresh.

Earl Grey Tea

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