4 Restaurants That Let You Earn Extra Miles For Your Next Holiday When You Dine

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Kris+ dining deals

With border restrictions gradually being lifted, airline miles are becoming more and more relevant as we feel the urge to satisfy our wanderlust. Enter Kris+, the lifestyle rewards app from everyone’s favourite homegrown airline━Singapore Airlines. 

From now until 30 June 2022 only, receive a whopping 15 miles per $1 spent, which is the highest miles-to-dollar reward we know of, when you dine with the Kris+ Gastronomy Series. That’s equivalent to a 10% rebate in miles, up from the usual rate of 6%. And the sweetest part of this deal is that miles earned through Kris+ are on top of all other existing credit card rewards!

Choose from a range of specially curated dining menus and pay with the Kris+ app to earn your way to the next holiday. If for any reason you don’t wish to travel yet, you can also choose to offset your bill by redeeming miles.

1. LeVeL33

Image credit: LeVeL33

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Marina Bay cityline at LeVeL33—the world’s highest urban microbrewery—while you enjoy a Kris+ exclusive set dinner. Available for $148 nett per person, this five-course meal consists of a starter, two sides, a main and dessert. 

Begin your meal with the tangy Heirloom Tomato, which sees it topped with a generous amount of Stracciatella cheese and seaweed caviar. The starter is finished with a drizzle of smoked extra virgin olive oil, and some aged balsamic. 

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