30 Best Things To Do Near Bangkok For Endless Day Trip Ideas Outta The City

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Best things to do near Bangkok

So you’ve spent a few days eating, shopping, and vibing your way through the many things to do in Bangkok. But what’s a holiday without some R&R and adventure? If that’s calling out to you, perhaps it’s time to schedule a day trip outside of the city.

Not a difficult decision to make, seeing that there are tonnes of gorgeous sights and adventurous activities within a 3.5-hour drive from the bustling metropolis. Book a day tour to the coastal town of Pattaya or take a road trip to the serene districts surrounding Bangkok. 

Regardless of what you choose, these 30 best things to do near Bangkok will be worth the journey.

– Pattaya –

Think of nightlife in Thailand and Pattaya would likely spring to mind for its 24/7 clubs. More recently, the coastal city has also made waves for its water activities, including island-hopping and beach bummin’. Adding to this glo-up are cultural sites and family-friendly activities. Here’s what’s awaiting you just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok:

1. Sanctuary Of Truth – All-wood, hand-carved religious site

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