2022 Guide To Travelling From Singapore To Batam By Sea VTL – Costs, Testing & What To Prepare

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Singapore to Batam sea VTL 

Batam used to be the go-to for Singaporeans for a cheap, quick mini-break from Singapore’s bustling city-scape. There are affordable yet luxurious resorts, and lots of yummy and cheap street food. But alas, Covid put pause on all that… until now.

Good news – you’ll soon be able to resume putting Batam on your weekend to-do list. Starting 25th February 2022, sea Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) arrangements between Singapore and Batam bring back quarantine-free travel between the two islands.

Before you jump into your travel plans, here are all the requirements for travelling to and from Singapore and Batam by ferry to help you get started.

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Before you leave on your trip

Though ferry trips between Singapore and Batam resume on 18th February 2022, the VTL measures only kick in on 25th February 2022. Applications for this VTL (Sea) route open on 22nd February 2022

Note: Approvals for VTL (Air) are not interchangeable with VTL (Sea) approvals.

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