2021 Guide On Getting From Singapore To JB – How The Expanded Land VTL Works

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How to get from Singapore to JB

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Singaporeans can now head off to the shopping and foodie paradise of JB under the expanded land VTL scheme, from 20th December 2021 onwards.

Of course, travelling to Johor now is different from what it was like pre-pandemic. Transport options are limited, plenty of PCR tests are in store and you’re still encouraged to go over only when necessary. For those who still plan to head down, here’s a 2021 guide on how to get to JB.

We’ll be updating this article as the land VTL restrictions change. 

 – Before you leave Singapore – 

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While we’d all love to pack up our luggages and go ASAP, not everyone can make their way across the crossway just yet. Before you head off, first be sure you check off the following criteria. VTL travellers will have to:

  1. Be a Singapore Citizen, Malaysian Citizen, Malaysian Permanent Resident or Holder of a Malaysia-issued Long-Term Pass
  2. Be fully-vaccinated with a WHO-listed vaccine; unvaccinated children under 12 have to be accompanied by vaccinated parents or guardians
  3. Have no travel history other than to Singapore, Malaysia or any other VTL countries over the last 14 days

You’ll also h...

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