2 People Leak LTA Patrol Plan To Help PMD Riders Avoid Officers, Jailed 1 Week

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Former Certis Cisco Officer & Friend Get Jail Time For Leaking LTA Deployment Plan

Personal mobility devices (PMDs) are efficient and relatively affordable ways to travel, making them a popular mode of transport.

However, they can potentially be dangerous if people do not use them responsibly. Therefore, there are rules in place to ensure that riders can keep themselves and others safe.

Unfortunately, there are still some who insist on ignoring these guidelines.

LTA Catches Errant PMD Riders On Footpaths In Yishun, Sembawang & Woodlands

Recently, an ex-Certis officer and her friend were sentenced to one week’s jail for divulging confidential information to help PMD riders avoid officers.

They each pleaded guilty to one charge of wrongful communication under the Official Secrets Act.

Leaked LTA deployment plan to WhatsApp group with 211 members

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Syarifah Nur Nabilah Syed Omar, a former Certis CISCO auxiliary police officer, sent a Land Transport Authority (LTA) deployment plan to Afendi Mohamed Rashid.

Afendi then forwarded the plan to a WhatsApp group with over 200 members.

When she was with Certis CISCO, Syarifah was an LTA active mobility enforcement officer. This meant that she was responsible for detecting errant PMD riders.

These officers would conduct daily patrols based on a deployment plan. Each plan contained information such as which streets and park connectors to patrol and at what times.

Even after leaving her job on 20 May 2021, Syarifah remained in the WhatsApp group where her former team leader would send the daily deployment plans.

On 1 Jun 2021, Syarifah forwarded a screenshot of a deployment plan to Afendi despite being aware that she was not supposed to receive the information nor share it with unauthorised personnel.

The pair, who met as food delivery riders, would apparently exchange such information so they could avoid enforcement efforts.

Upon receiving the plan, Afendi dissemina...

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