17 Best Spots For Cherry Blossoms In Japan & When To Visit For Peak Blooms In 2024

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Where to see cherry blossoms in Japan

To welcome the season of spring, the Japanese traditionally used to hold Hanami parties – flower viewing – in appreciation of the plum blossoms. Now, millions of tourists join in the celebrations that have come to be associated with the sakura season. All over the country, there are hundreds of places to see cherry blossoms in Japan.

We’ve got the deets on all the hot spots and some lesser-known ones if you’re looking to avoid the swarm of tourists. Pack a mat in your suitcase ‘cause you don’t want to miss the experience of a picnic surrounded by the pink flowers in their full bloom.

What month are cherry blossoms in Japan?

Sakura season in Japan starts in March and ends in May, so you’ve got about a 6-week window to see the flowers. However, they are only in full bloom about 10 days of the year which largely falls between late March and early April.

Down south in Fukuoka, the cherry blossoms start blooming a little earlier around the third week of March. As you move up north they start flowering a little later such as in Sapporo where the peak is the first week of May.

Do note that the dates mentioned for 2024 for each city below are estimated forecasts and actual dates will firm up as we get closer to the season.

– Around Osaka, Nara & Kyoto –

1. Osaka Castle Park

Photo ops with the castle as the backdrop

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