16 Next-Level Love Hotels In Japan For Couples Looking For The Kind Of Spicy That’s Not Wasabi

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Love hotels in Japan

The tradition of love hotels in Japan goes all the way back to the 17th century. What appeared to be tea houses or inns were just fronts for those who wanted to do the deed. Everything was lowkey, with discreet entrances and exits – some places even had secret tunnels – but all had amenities for couples to get their aerobic sessions in.

Those of today are more conspicuous and offer more than just a place to hook up. In fact, they are a good place to have a girl’s night out, Instagrammable daycations, or a catch-up session with friends. One of the dead giveaways that a place is a love hotel is that there are 2 prices – one for “resting” between 2-4 hours and one for an overnight stay. Here are 16 love hotels in Japan that go above and beyond their call of duty.

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