16 Best Deals: MacBooks, Air Purifiers, and Charging Adapters

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Here's a confession: Sometimes good deals are hard to find. I don't like the idea of writing about a pair of headphones that are $2 off any more than you like the idea of shopping for them (which is why we don't share bad discounts). Luckily, the Deal gods have smiled upon us this weekend. From PS5 games to fitness trackers to an air purifier, scroll on to outfit your home and your throne with these reviewer-approved consumer tech deals. 

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Tech Deals

Apple iPad Pro (6th-Gen) 

Photograph: Apple

Every capacity of the 6th-generation iPad Pro (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is discounted by $50 or $100. The final prices will reflect during checkout. This is a pricey tablet, but it's a good luxury iPad. The screen is massive with excellent contrast, and performance is snappy. Be sure to browse our Best iPad Accessories guide for additional recommendations. 

Apple's newest MacBook Air will start shipping next week. The $50 introductory discount is pretty standard fare for Apple, but it's still savings you can't find anywhere else—even on Apple's own storefront. This new model is very similar to last year's MacBook Air, which you can read more about here, but it has a larger 15-inch screen. 

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