14 Ways You Can Use Technology to Eliminate Environmental Pollution

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Environmental pollution is the leading cause of global warming in the present day. The effects of environmental pollution are being felt worldwide. There have been prolonged extreme temperature levels during summer and winter, wildfires in Europe, Australia, and North America, changing seasons, prolonged drought and famine, and diseases from exposure to industrial waste and smoke.

The effects of environmental pollution are at an alarmingly uncontrollable level. However, technologists are using their knowledge to help reverse ecological pollution effects when the future looks gloomy.

This article discusses the different technologies used in various sectors to reduce or eliminate environmental pollution.

Ways Technology is Assisting in the Elimination of Environmental Pollution

Below are several ways people are using technology to eliminate environmental pollution;

  • Electric Cars to Mitigate Vehicle Emissions

Since the invention of cars, the use of fuels like petrol and diesel has built concern over the long-term effects. The internal combustion engines of petrol and diesel cars emit carbon dioxide (co2) as a by-product.

Greenhouse gases trap heat below the ozone layer, promoting high temperatures on earth. The gas also damages the ozone layer by cooling the stratosphere, slowing down the process of ozone loss, and increasing ozone levels.

The electric car does not use an internal combustion engine but a chargeable battery. This invention is estimated to reduce emissions by diesel vehicles by 43% and lower global warming temperatures by nearly 1.50C. The electric vehicle may not produce environmentally harmful emissions; however, the car uses electrically powered batteries that generate electric power mainly from fossil fuels. With this in mind, electric cars still cause environmental pollution.

  • Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Improve Water Quality

Water pollution is a worldwide concern as people and sea animals heavily feel its effects. Large bodies of water, such as oceans and seas, are impacted by uncontrolled chemical disposal by large companies.

Many manufacturing plants near bodies of water opt to dump untreated waste into these water bodies. As vessels transport fuel from port to port,...

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