13 Great Deals on Smartphones, Laptops, and Smart Speakers

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We're approaching the end of summer, which means it's time for back-to-school deals. This includes everything from laptops and phones to dorm furniture and desk accessories. These discounts are great for students of all ages, but they're also perfect for adults looking to upgrade their work-from-home setup

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Smartphone and Laptop Deals

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Google Pixel 6A

Photograph: Google

Google just released the Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED Recommends), and it quickly became our favorite phone for most people. It's powerful, has a great camera, and is on the smaller end of the size spectrum, compared to most smartphones today. This isn't exactly a discount on the phone, but you get a $50 Amazon gift card. (It comes in an envelope with no expiration date.) Use it to buy a case and screen protector for your device. (We have recommendations here.) 

Note: You must activate the device to get in on this deal. Samsung is just about to unveil new folding phones, which means last year's models are seeing staggering discounts. This is one of the best discounts we've ever seen on Samsung's folding Galaxy Z Flip 3 (7/10, WIRED Review). It's basically a smartphone that you can fold in half, and who doesn'...

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