13 Affordable Reunion Dinner Menus For Feasts With The Fam That Don’t Break The Bank

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If you’re feeling like the festivities are neverending, you’re not alone. There’s literally no pause between Christmas 2022 and Chinese New Year 2023, and it’s time to hustle if you haven’t already booked your reunion dinners. Between the Christmas indulgences, shopping, CNY dinners and angbao distributing, we totally get it if your wallets are feeling the pinch, so here’s our guide to affordable reunion dinner menus to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

1. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

Image credit: Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

Win brownie points with the parents and in-laws when you book the fam a feast from Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant. Whether you’re thinking of dining out or ordering in, the Chinese restaurant group has got your back. Skip the fuss and opt for one of their set menus for eight to 10 diners, with prices starting from $635.04 for the takeaway Fortune Treasure Set, working out to less than $100 a person. 

Otherwise, create your own, more affordable reunion dinner menu, with Collagen Yuzu Yu Sheng with Petite Abalone ($105.84/$138.24), where yuzu collagen ingots of sauce melt onto the yusheng when set alight. This yusheng is only available for dine-in and takeaway orders. Wow the table w...

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