12 Things Singaporeans Should Know When Visiting Australia – Covid-19 Guidelines & Travel Tips

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Singapore to Australia travel restrictions and guidelines

With news of Australia’s travel borders reopening, many Singaporeans are raring to fly over but get bogged down by the hassle and uncertainty of travelling amidst Covid-19. On top of our Australia VTL guide, we hopped onto one of the Scoot Australia VTL flights to bring you this first-hand account of must-knows and tips to set your mind at ease.

Keep this comprehensive list of Singapore to Australia travel restrictions and guidelines handy if you’re planning a trip Down Under. Besides the nitty-gritty details of travel declarations and ensuring you have the necessary documentation to avoid being turned away at immigration, we also address FAQs that you might have trouble finding concrete answers to online.

Inclusive of curious questions like whether mask-wearing is essential, and how bustling the nightlife scene is, here’s what the travelling situation is like in Australia, told through the lens of an actual VTL visitor.

– Pre-flight procedures –

1. Submit your Digital Passenger Declaration 72 hours before flight

After booking your plane tickets and dusting your suitcase off for the first time in close to two years, the first thing you’ll need to get out of the way is Australia’s Digital Passenger Declaration. The portal can be accessed via both desktop and mobile device.

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