12 Best Places For Banh Mi In Singapore, Including An Eatery Open 24/7

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Best banh mi in Singapore

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of banh mi stalls in Singapore. For those who might not be super familiar with what exactly banh mi is, here’s the lowdown: banh mi was a fusion dish invented in the mid-19th century in Vietnam, after French colonials introduced the baguette to the locals. The filled sandwich is typically loaded with Vietnamese meats, such as pork sausage, along with fresh herbs and pickled vegetables—coriander, carrot, and daikon are the most common. A lick of pate, mayonnaise, and a dash of red chilli complete this handy, portable meal.

If you’re looking for some of the best banh mi in Singapore, then visit these names on this list. They’re mostly banh mi kiosks and cafes that specialise in delicious renditions of the iconic Vietnamese sandwich. Often, they’re run by native Vietnamese cooks too!

1. Banh Mi Thit 

Banh Mi Thit is one of the OG Vietnamese delis, having been around before the sandwich became such a trend. Located in Joo Chiat, the eatery is known for their super affordable Banh Mi, priced at $5. You get to pick between pork, chicken, ham, beef, egg, or pate for the price. Their baguettes are baked in-house daily, prepared alongside their deliciously crisp, sour pickles. Add on $1 to enjoy your banh mi with your drink of choice, which includes Iced Authentic Vietnamese Coffee, typically priced at $1.80.

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