12 Alexandra Central Mall Food Places For Korean BBQ, Deep-Fried Crab Bao And More

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Alexandra Central Mall food places

Honestly, lunch at IKEA is a hassle. My usual IKEA haunt is the Alexandra outlet, and I am tired of having to wait for seats in the furniture store, then waiting some more for literal cafeteria food in what they call a restaurant. My solution is to eat at the quiet mall next door, which not only has food at similar prices to IKEA, but a far greater range of choices, seating, and ambience than the cafeteria at lunchtime. Sharing is caring, so here are 12 Alexandra Central Mall food places for you to check out.

1. STR TAO Taiwan Cuisine

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Formerly housed in an industrial estate in Jurong, STR TAO Taiwan Cuisine recently relocated to a more central, albeit hidden location in the first floor of this mall. Offering a spread of beloved Taiwanese street foods, we recommend their Signature Braised Pork Rice ($7.80), with savoury braised pork belly, peanuts, and salted vegetables on Taiwan pearl rice. 

They also have an all-day set meal, where you can choose a main, a side, and a drink for just $13.50. The five mains eligible for the set meal even include their signature braised pork rice and Taiwan Mee Sua With Oyster, making this offer one that is value-for-money. 

Unit number: #01-10

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