11 Themed Hotels In Tokyo To Stay In From $30/Night To Fully Embrace The Wacky Side Of Japan

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Themed hotels in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to many eccentric hotel concepts. From infamous love hotels with absurd themed decor to extra-affordable capsule hotels, there’s no shortage of unique accommodations within the city.

Whether you’re new to Tokyo or a repeat visitor, this curated list of 11 themed hotels in Tokyo might help you find a fun, unconventional place to stay when you’re there.

What is the difference between themed hotels and love hotels?

Given that both themed and love hotels share similar over-the-top concepts and interiors, it might be easy to confuse the two. 

Simply put, love hotels are a kind of themed hotel. Love hotels cater specifically to couples seeking privacy and intimacy, often offering adult-themed amenities and short-stay options.

Themed hotels, on the other hand, attract a broader range of travellers, as they focus more generally on providing unique experiences. Many of them in this article even feature collaborations with famous brands and franchises such as Pokemon, Sanrio, and Godzilla.

Where is the best place to stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo’s a small part of Japan, but it’s a pretty big city. Regardless, each district has something to offer no matter what kind of traveller you are. 

Staying in Shinjuku or Shibuya, for one, will put you within walking distance of the largest malls and shopping districts in the city. Ginza, in contrast, leans on the atas side, best reserved for luxury shoppers and those looking for fine dining options.

Other districts such as Ueno, Nihombashi, and Kinshicho might be less w...

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