11 Ski Resorts In Japan For Beginners To Burn Calories At After Stuffing Down Sushi & Ramen

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Best ski resorts in Japan

Home of Pokemon, cherry blossoms and onsens, Japan is also a destination for adrenaline-seekers in the winter months. Unlike European ski destinations which are at least a 12-hour flight away, Tokyo is only 7 hours away, with ski resorts as close by as 1 hour out of the capital city. 

If you’re a beginner looking to try skiing there, we’ve rounded up some of the best ski resorts in Japan which are also newbie-friendly. This year’s season isn’t over yet, so you can still plan a trip for 2024.

P.S. All the ski resorts listed here conduct English-language ski classes, so there’s no need to download Duolingo on your way up.

Where to go skiing in Japan?

Ski resorts in Japan are mostly found up north, in areas such as Hokkaido and Tohoku. That said, some can also be found in the mountainous regions of the Japanese Alps. These include areas such as Niigata and Nagano.

Is Japan cheap for skiing?

Ski resorts in Japan are comparatively cheaper than their counterparts in North America, Europe or even Australia. This is due to the fierce competition amongst the resorts, which forces them to keep prices low to attract more tourists.

– Ski resorts in Central Japan: Near Tokyo & Osaka – 

1. Naeba Ski Resort 

Has ski machines for newbies ...

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